How to send a work

All models and fingerprints sent to our laboratory for performing a process must be accompanied from the prescription, which must be duly filled in all its parts in compliance with EEC 93\42.

Such requirement must be always inserted in the package to be sent to the laboratory, along with the indicated material.

To send a job download the following form:

Prescription of dental device tailored for PROSTHESIS

For packaging of fingerprints and models follow the indications:

1) separate models by articulators
(when sent with fixed finished elements, or even just armours, make sure that the capsules are on the model)

2) wrap each part separately
(use appropriate materials as sponges, bubble wrap and many others, possibly with multiple layers fixed with elastic bands for preventing contacts between rigid materials)

3) carefully and accurately fill the box with paper material or polystyrene
(when using multiple boxes containing promiscuous contents, it is necessary for the individual packages in the box to avoid minimum displacement)